Snowmopalooza 2014

When HELL freezes over, I'll ride there too!!!

2014 Information

Below is just a bunch of links that have been put together to help the members of Snowmopalooza keep track of the current weather and other critical information for our proposed destination.

If you have any information pertaining to a new or old destination that you would like to visit please email me at dgljr - snowmopalooza - com.

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Current Considerations:

Steve has been working very hard to find the perfect location for the next Snowmopalooza. He took a long hard look at the Upper Peninsula(UP)and as we all know from the TOP 10 list, it is suppose to be the #1 spot. Steve and I have had MANY conversations about this actually being true and we both came up with the same conclusion... I am not sure if this is an actual term or not, if not I am coining it... "Density Bias"! How is that for an answer! LOL Essentially there are way to many people in the area that believe the area to be the best. 50k vs the 5k that may get around to all the other places on the list. We have essentially sled most of the top 10 and I really can not believe that flat trails with high occupancy can be very stimulating. The thought of basing my sledding with a bunch of people that coined the term "Bangin Ditches" does not excite me. They bang ditches because there are no hills to climb... Poor Bastards don't know better!

Long story short is we tried to justify a trip to the UP but it really does not look good once you factor in lodging, airfare, sled rentals, car rentals, fuel, and food. The cost comes out to about the same as heading out to IP(Island Park). Plus there is only 1 house with a hot tub (WTF)!!!

This brings us to the next point - Travel destinations! If you have any other suggestions please contact Steve or I so we can work out details otherwise we are looking for a re-visit of IP again. This is unprecedented!!! Never before have we had this many returns to the same location!!

Travel considerations - COST. In Steve's wonderful and usual way, he has worked out a better price position for us then in years past but it will include a bit more driving and allow us to see another city for a day if we like. Airfare is about a 100 less per person, rental car is approx 100 less per vehicle. The downside is it is a bit longer of a drive then we have had to endure in the past. We are looking at a 4.5 hour drive once we land. (map)

As the title above implies, these are just considerations... nothing is set in stone. If you have heard of an area on TV or in the papers, magazines, porn sites... Hey, let us know and we will check it out. We are always open for new and exciting destinations or to even repeat old favorites but it really comes down to cost and ROE (return on excitement). Below you will find the current lodging considerations to date. Please feel free to look around the areas of interest and make suggestions and recommendations!

It is hard for Steve to be able to look at properties this early since we have no idea what kind of occupance we are going to be dealing with. He is just guessing at the moment but if you would like to help out with some offers or suggestions then please take a look at Island Park Rental Cabins (Outback Vacation Rentals), or VBRO and let us know your thoughts.

VBRO/Outback Rental Listings for 2014
"Into the woods - #21931" Sleeps: 15 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3 Jacuzzi: 8

Location Information:

**This information will only be populated once the proposed area has been approved.**
Trail Map
official pdf
GPX Files these will provide you with route information.
All GPS devices ".gpx"
Garmin specific ".gdb"
Island Park, ID
West Yellowstone, WY
Jackson Hole, WY
Avalanche Center

Snowmopalooza Merchandise


Provisions – in progress:
Cream cheese
Water – 2 gallons and 2 cases
breakfast food – cereal, bagels, english muffins
batteries AA/AAA
nutrition/fruit bars

Icy Hot


Camera/video/action or helmet cam
Sun Glasses
under layers
Winter Socks
Snow/Ski Jacket
Casual Clothes
Bathing Suits
MONEY/Credit Cards
Back Pack/Ruck Sack/Book Bag

Rental Gear is available at NONE (Boots, Helmets,Gloves, and suits)