Snowmopalooza 2014

When HELL freezes over, I'll ride there too!!!

Welcome to Snowmopalooza

Snowmopalooza is a personal website for the snowmobiling enthusiast. Currently there is information spread across several sites that will at some point be consolidated into this site.

2014 UPDATE: Despite our best efforts we could not pull off a group trip again this year. It is not from lack of trying mind you! Mary & Callum have been able to get out this year for at least a few hours in a rather special place... They have traveled to Finland to experience the Northern Lights, do some sledding, some photography, and hopefully imbibing in some local drink and relaxing by going to an amethyst mine. I also believe I heard some mention of a dog sled tour but can not confirm that at the moment. Here is some more information on who they booked their trip through... The Aurora Zone and more specifically the holiday package they chose...Luosto, The Northern Lights at Leisure. We look forward to them sharing some of their photos with us when they return! Check back often to keep track of all our adventures!!! ~D

2014 snowmobile season is right around the corner and we will be looking to you to give us direction on where and when it will take place! To date you can see what we have been thinking by clicking here for more information! We will just keep pushing these plans forward until we all meet for our next group trip.

2013 was an off year for Snowmopalooza as a whole but we still managed to get some riders out into the field. We will have some images and some notes/feedback as the days pass so be sure to check back soon to find out how it went.

I just wanted to send out a quick "THANK YOU" to Rob for all his hard work last year on coming up some pretty great looking artwork for our T-Shirts, hat's, bag's, mouse pad's and everything else you could imagine. All of which are available here.

Rob's awesome artwork!!!

Snowmopalooza was started many years ago by a bunch of friends who got together to go skiing in the Northeast and decided to take one day from their skiing to go snowmobiling. We have come a long way since then and now focus on week long excursions all over the United States in search of DEEP snow and great sledding.

This is the first time since we started heading out west that we found a place that we have returned too. There have been a few others that are on the return list but for several reasons we are heading back to Island Park, ID this winter. A combination of good trails, accessible fuel stops and great food has won us over.

Last year we missed two people but it was for a very good reason (they were bring another sledder into the world), good news is that they are back this year. Last year we also picked up another couple and we are hoping they will be able to join us again this year as well.

2014 Info

As I come across information for this years trip it will be posted here. Check back often!!!

Possible 2014 Attendees

2011 GEAR
You can buy gear from our 2011 trip here... GEAR

The pictures from years past will have to be re-organized at some point in time. I will send out an email when I get a moment to all the picture providers to send me their links again. Thanks!