Snowmopalooza 2015

When HELL freezes over, I'll ride there too!!!

About Snowmopalooza

Snowmopalooza was started many years ago by a bunch of friends who got together to go skiing in the Northeast and decided to take one day from their skiing to go snowmobiling. Back then it was the late eighties and heading to Canada for a week of skiing was cheap with record high US to Canadian dollars to work with. While many people went skiing only a few of us took the time to go sledding... they were Don, Steve, & Ken.

We didn't have a name or a riding club back then as we were all a bunch of goofs from CT that never had a reason to have such a moniker. We all managed to keep sledding, sometimes together, sometimes apart until around 2003 or 4 when a co-worker of mine joined the team. Rob was his name... sledding was his game! LOL!!! Actually Rob never ran a machine before but he picked it up quick and really seemed to be enjoying himself. From that point on we have been sledding every year as a group.

Last year we missed two people but it was for a very good reason (they were bringing another sledder into the world), good news is that they are back this year. Last year we also picked up another couple and we are hoping they will be able to join us again this year as well.

Places we have rented from in the past...